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 Technical data
Max. medium pressureInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
1 bar 6 bar
20 bar 25 bar
40 bar 80 bar
Process connectionInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
Flange Thread
Pt100 - accuracyInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
A class A class - 3 wire
A class - 4 wire A class - twin
A class - twin - 3 wire B class
B class - 3 wire B class - 4 wire
B class - twin
Pt100 Sensor typeInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
Fast response Vibration resistant
Electrical connectionInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
Cable Terminal block
Insertion lengthInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
10 - 250 mm 30 - 380 mm
120 - 500 mm 160 - 1000 mm
160 - 3000 mm
Type of Temperature SensorInformationInformationHelp info for this ....
Thermocouple PT100

 • Temperature sensor
        THERMOCONT TNP – strengthened probe temp. sensor
        THERMOCONT TXP – temperature sensor for gases
        THERMOCONT TFP – push-in temperature probe  
        THERMOCONT TGP – bearing temperature sensor
        THERMOCONT TSP – standard temperature sensors
        THERMOCONT TPP – plastic coated probe temp. sensor

  – strengthened probe temp. sensor
Heavy-duty robust version
NiCr-Ni thermocouples or Pt100
Tapered or strait protection tube
Welded flange process connection
Max. 1 m probe length
Explosion-proof models
  – temperature sensor for gases
Temperature sensor for Gases
Vibration resistant
Pt.100 A-class temp. sensor
2-,3- and 4-wire versions
Max. 500 mm probe length
Explosion-proof models
  – push-in temperature probe
Push-in temp. probe
Single or dual Pt100
A or B accuracy class
Fast response sensor
6 mm, 8 mm, M12 or M8 conn.
Max. 250 mm probe length
  – bearing temperature sensor
Bearing temp. sensor
PTFC 101 temperature sensor
A or B accuracy class
Rimmed or M20x1,5 connection
Stainless steel protection tube
Max. 360 mm probe length
  – standard temperature sensors
Stainless steel probe
Single or dual Pt100
Vibration resistant or fast Pt100
Max. 3 m probe length
Thread or Flange proc. conn.
Explosion-proof models
  – plastic coated probe temp. sensor
Plastic coated versions
Single or dual Pt100
Vibration resistant or fast Pt100
Max. 3 m probe length
Flange process connection
Explosion-proof models